Robert I. Unanue

In 2004, Robert “Bob” Unanue became President of Goya Foods, currently headquartered in Jersey City. During his interim as President, Bob has successfully led the company in generating over $1.4 billion in annual revenue, developing over 2,500 products, employing over 4,000 employees and overseeing 26 production and warehouse facilities worldwide including the United States, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Spain. In 2005, Bob played a key role in developing a 10-year strategic plan and a $500 million investment in a global expansion, designed to reach new consumers and strengthen the Goya brand worldwide. In 2014-2015, Bob oversaw the opening of four new state of the art manufacturing and distribution centers in Texas, California, Georgia and New Jersey to meet consumer demands of Goya products.

Prior to being named President, Bob held several key positions at the company both in the United States and abroad. At a young age, Bob worked in GOYA’s production line, packing olives and olive oil in Brooklyn, NY. He also worked the printing press and even drove delivery trucks in the early stages of his career. While at college Bob studied accounting at Merrimack College in North Andover, Massachusetts, as well as at the University of Seville, where he was instrumental in establishing GOYA’s foothold in Spain. Today, the Seville unit of GOYA is a significant olive and olive oil exporter to the United States.

Upon completing his education, Bob joined GOYA as a buyer and implemented four new, bean-packing lines. After this assignment, he relocated to GOYA de Puerto Rico as Purchasing Director in 1980. In 1983, Bob advanced to Vice-President and General Manager of the company and was instrumental in establishing a steel cutting factory (Island Coil Corp.) as well as lithography (Island Litho Corp.) for Goya’s can making facility (Island Can Corp.).

In 1990, Bob returned to GOYA Foods Inc. in New Jersey as Vice-President of Operations. During this period, he introduced a new production line of Ready Cooked Rice and managed GOYA’s 11 warehouses in the United States. In 1997, Bob was appointed President of GOYA Foods in California. In 1999, he was then named President of GOYA Florida where he was responsible for the Miami and Tampa facilities as well as exporting products.

Bob sits on the Board of Directors of the Maestro Cares Foundation and New Jersey City University. He has six children and five grandchildren.