USHCC recognition and sponsorship policy states that the USHCC brand maintains title position in all of its special events or show logos. For the 2016 USHCC National Convention, the marketing collateral materials feature the sponsors in relationship to the show logo. For both collateral marketing materials and on-site visibility, sponsors are identified as such and their company logos are featured consistently with the title logo.


Collateral materials include but are not limited to:

  • Website(s) – Logos to be displayed on website (primary source of information used by attendees)
  • Marketing Materials – Logo placement included on brochures and event flyers
  • Event Signage – Logo placement on event signage
  • Program Book – Logo placement on sponsorship listings
  • Program Book – Print advertisements (applicable sponsorship benefits only)


On-site visibility opportunities include but are not limited to:

  • Event Signage – Logo featured on signage as part of the show logo identity
  • Speaking Roles – Company representative remarks at relevant function (applicable sponsorship benefits only)
  • Screen Projections – Sponsor and company logos projected on presentation screens for select events
  • Acknowledgements – Special acknowledgment at appropriate times throughout the event
  • Promotional Materials – Promotional items for inclusion in event bag (applicable sponsorship benefits only)